Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tales of Niemerval?
Tales of Niemerval (or ToN) is a fantasy online roleplaying game with adventure elements. You can roam the lands, battle monsters, solve quests, and interact and trade with other players.
As you grow stronger, you can wield more powerful weapons and mightier armor. Of course, you can even forge them yourself! There is nothing more satisfying than a tiny goblin trying to scratch your shiny new armor.
Don't feel like fighting? Gather raw materials and ingredients, and cook your own food.
Note: Tales of Niemerval is still under development, and some features are not yet implemented, but will be available shortly.
Why the funny name - Niemerval? Is that German?
Technically yes. The word iemerval is Middle High German and means "Eternal Death". When I chose the name I liked the sound of it, but I added the "N" in front for reasons of pronunciation.
What are the system requirements?
ToN is an online browser game. This means it doesn't matter if you are using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any other browser. In fact, it doesn't even matter if you own a PC, a Mac, an iPad or an Android phone. If you are reading this, there is already a high chance that you will be able to play.
Who are you and why are you programming Niemerval?
I am HereticPilgrim and am developing Tales of Niemerval in my spare time. I do this mainly for fun and as a programming exercise, but I hope it also gives pleasure to those who play it.
I enjoy playing Tales of Niemerval. How can I help?
I am always happy to hear that people are having fun with Tales of Niemerval.
There are a lot of ways for you to help.
  • Spread the word and let others know you're having a great time. Tell your friends and family.
  • Post about Niemerval on Facebook, Twitter, forums, or other websites that you visit.
  • If you own a blog, write about the fantastic world of Niemerval. If you do, drop me a line along with the link.
  • And probably the most important one: Let me know what you think. Please give feedback, also if you don't like something. Only then can Niemerval improve.